Your Reactive Dog: From Anxious to Zensational!

Change your on-leash reactive dog to calm and confident through this interactive, live online course taught by pet professionals.

Over 10 years ago, my dog-professional friend, Lisa, (a board-certified veterinary behaviorist) and I talked about how it seems to have become epidemic that so many dogs we were seeing or hearing about were acting aggressive or fearful on walks. Anytime a dog (or in some cases a person, a bike, or a car) passed by, they went crazy, lunging and barking. So what did we do to help? We created a Reactive Dog class.

We have offered that class for the last 10 years and have helped hundreds of dog owners change their dog’s behavior to calmer and more confident. One of the ways that initial success can be achieved is to first look at the owner’s goals for their dog. Will their reactive dog become a socially outgoing dog, greeting all other dogs with a happy wagging tail and big open grin? In most cases, probably not. But will this dog be able to walk down the street and ignore other dogs? That’s a reasonable goal. You can’t change a dog’s basic temperament any more than you can turn an introverted person into an extrovert. However, you can work on certain behavior patterns so that the introvert can learn to feel comfortable, say, giving talks to a roomful of people.

Fast forward 10 years to now. We realized that we were only reaching the tip of the iceberg of people who need help with their on-leash reactive dog. What about the thousands across the country, even the English-speaking world, that needed our help?

That’s when we decided to create an online educational company, Dog Nerds, LLC. Using the techniques, skills, and knowledge we had honed over the 10 years of teaching this sought-after class we put together an online, personalized program to help owners with reactive dogs anywhere in the world. We want to give owners more confidence and skills, change their dog’s behavior in a meaningful way, and make walking those dogs fun again!

dogs on leash

This online, interactive live course, Your Reactive Dog: From Anxious to Zensational which begins on February 10th, 2019 will cover everything from how a dog becomes reactive, what the dog needs emotionally to change his or her behavior, management techniques to create better attention and calm, and behavioral tools to build calm alternative behaviors to barking, lunging, or growling.

The instructors are educated and experienced. Lisa Radosta is a board certified veterinary behaviorist. Mindy Cox (me) and Cheryl VanVoorhies are certified professional dog trainers who specialize and have experience helping clients with their dog’s behavior problems including fear and aggression. We have been working successfully with aggressive and reactive dogs and their owners for decades.

We will meet live and online for 4-sessions of education and learning spread over 5 weeks. There will be an email support hotline to answer all questions. During Office Hours that will be held several times a week, we will group video chat about any issues. And we will provide a private Facebook page for our students to communicate with each other.

All of the sessions will be recorded. There will be bonus recordings and handouts to help make sure that our students are successfully able to change their dog’s behavior.

Recapping, this is what this amazing course, beginning February 10, 2019 will cover. (Missed the opportunity to register? Check on upcoming courses. Not sure if this course is right for you? Click here.)

  • You will build confidence in your abilities and you’ll stop worrying what others think.
  • We will teach you to have fun with your dog using positive, force-free, science-based methods. You will learn through games. You will learn to enjoy your walks again.
  • Your dog will become calmer and learn better ways to deal with the issues that cause him worry or stress, the things that often cause reactivity.
  • You will stop feeling like the neighborhood pariah, ashamed to be seen with your dog.
  • We will help you understand what causes reactivity and how it’s not about your dog being disobedient.
  • Our proven techniques will teach you in the comfort of your home without having to take your dog any place worrisome.
  • We will be there to help you as well as will a whole community of like-minded dog owners that share the same issues and worries and understand exactly what you’re going through.
  • The course uses easy to use, step-by-step instruction, videos, and written materials, that will help you even if you are not good at training a dog.
  • This course provides the skills and techniques you need to achieve dramatic and rewarding results. It is self-paced so while we suggest that you do it on the established time table, we know you are busy so you are able to fit it into your lifestyle.

Please help us get the word out to anyone who can benefit from this unique course. They can check out the website or find us on Facebook. Let’s make dog walking fun and enjoyable for everyone in the neighborhood!